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        Establish the Comprehensive Scientific Research Institute related to China Building Decoration Industry

        1. On November 26th 2013, the company was awarded by China Building Decoration Association and set up "the Comprehensive Scientific Research Institute” related to China Building Decoration Industry ";
        2. Building R & D team: recruit R & D personnel, train groups of backbone talents in scientific and research practice, actively set up R & D team, and to establish R & D team structure;
        3. Setting up the place for systematic researching office, experiment sites, and testing sites, and preparing for equipment; establishing and improving the scientific management system, research evaluation system and incentive system.

        Patent Research and Development

        1. To work following the requirements of the green construction innovation technologies supported by the national energy conservation policy;
        2. To have completed total number of 80 patented design declarations;
        3. To have obtained a total of 60 utility model patent certificates; 4 appearance patent certificates; and 57 patent certificates; to have newly declared 16 patents, and 23 declarations are being processed (as of the end of October 2015).

        Research & Development of Construction Method

        1. By the first half of 2014, Ruihe has attained three provincial construction method certificates: "the construction method for toilet waterproof with drainage pipes installed afterwards", "the construction method for dry-hanging the adjustable decorative stone that could be tilted or horizontally moved", "the construction method for the curtain wall combination of hidden frame glass & dry-hanging clay plate";
        2. The cumulative number of construction methods being declared is 7: "the construction method for walls with metal plate being ring-hanged in U-shaped", "the construction method for the installation of metal keel light tank of ceiling grid shape", "the systemic construction method for the installation of strange-shaped GRG components", "the construction method for the installation and structure of ceiling composite of the honeycomb-shaped Aluminum plates and stone", "the construction method for the ceiling of suspended glass plates", "the construction method for the replaceable wall-protecting and anti-collision device", "the construction method for the upper-lower floors wastewater reuse and water saving system that integrated with the cabinets";

        3. The cumulative number of completed construction method: 10.


        The company values highly of the standardization. It has arranged full-time jobs and professionals of standard requirements to promote the process of standardization. Much work has been done in the respect of standardization, including the establishment of the national (industry) standard specification, the standardization of construction techniques, the standardization of design management, the standardization of ERP construction management, and the standardization of quality control management. Improvement has been seen in the engineering construction standardization level of the company, the construction quality level of the projects, the operational efficiency of the projects, and the overall competitiveness of the company.

        1. Ruihe has actively participated in the establishment of the national and industrial standard (specification), and has made some achievements in recent years. The standard specification Ruihe participated in includes:

        (1) "Light mortar (product standards)".

        (2) "The integrated application technical regulations of the exquisite decorated kitchen space".
        (3) "The integrated application technical regulations of the exquisite decorated bathroom space”.
        2. The work Ruihe participated in the standardization of construction techniques, includes:
        (1) Completed the sorting and preparation work of "The standards for corporate construction techniques", including a total of 13 volumes (e.g. ceiling projects, partition wall projects, etc.).
        (2) The sorting and preparation of "The universal atlas for construction techniques".

        3. The work Ruihe participated in the standardization of design management includes:

            The research for standardized design: the standardized design of decoration means setting the uniform size and style for the constitute accessories and parts, spare parts and other devices during the interior decoration and design process; unifying the construction techniques and methods; confirming the design for the universal nodes so that unified parts can be used in different space and universal parts can be reused. Standardized design and systematic installation can improve production efficiency, reduce environmental pollution, and reduce resource consumption. If the above methods can be copied, productivity will be raised and product development costs will be reduced.

        1The standardization of construction atlas: Ruihe completes the standardized construction atlas, and draws up "The standard construction and structure atlas for the exquisite decoration projects", which could be used as a design atlas, a reference book for new employee training, and a reference book for  pre-settlement workers and field construction workers.

        2Higher level of modular design: Ruihe takes the specifications, characteristics and other factors of various materials into consideration, and develop the standardized modular design. It would help reduce the loss of material and material costs. 
        3The standardization of design drawings, including: the standardization of drawing, the drawing frame, the label, the legends and logos, the font, the proportion, the depth of content, the applicable rules ,etc..

        4The standardization of reviewing procedures of drawings, the key issues and the applicable rules.

        5The standardization of confirmation process of drawings.

        6The standardization of transfer and receipt of drawings.
        7The standardization of the archive of drawings.
        4. The Standardization of ERP construction Management
            Ruihe makes use of the ERP and other information management systems to achieve the comprehensive standardized information management, including the operation management of the company and the project construction management.
        5. The standardization of quality control management

           In order to generally improve the level of construction quality, the company has developed a comprehensive quality management system, and drawn up “The standardization atlas for the prevention and control of common quality defects".

        Research projects approved

        1. The research of innovative technologies in non-destructive demolition of sectional structures in old building transformation projects (have been applied in the new office building project);

        2. The research of innovative technologies in structural reinforcement in old buildings transformation (have been applied in the new office building project);

        3. The design techniques of complex shaped glass curtain wall (have been applied in complex shaped glass curtain wall design project of the new office building);

        4. The line construction technique in three-dimensional space of complex shaped glass curtain wall (have been applied in the complex shaped glass curtain wall project of the new office building);
        5. The research of innovative technologies in parametric design and seamless connection processing of complex shaped glass curtain wall (have been applied in the complex shaped glass curtain wall project of the new office building);
        6. The research of innovative technologies in energy-saving of complex shaped glass curtain wall (have been applied in the complex shaped glass curtain wall project of the new office building);

        7. The innovation and application research of green construction (energy saving) technology in architectural & decoration design and construction.

        Transformation of scientific and technological achievements
        1. 28 Patents have been successfully transformed, turned from scientific and technological achievements into tangible benefits;

        2. Ruihe won bids with its technology in project bidding with a great advantage of its patent transformation.

        Scientific Papers

        1. More than 50 scientific papers have been completed;

        2. A number of scientific papers are being written, e.g.:

        (1)Green construction (energy saving) technology in architectural & decoration design;

        (2)The innovation and application research in construction;
        (3)The innovative research of the perfect combination of energy storing technology and interior design;
        (4)The study of energy-saving effect for indoor intelligent lighting control technology;

        (5)The design and technological innovation of complex shaped glass curtain wall.

        Cooperation between Industry and Universities

        1. Ruihe has established “industry-university cooperation” with KIP Design Institute of the United States, and exchanged many visits from both sides;2. 

        Ruihe has signed an agreement with Shenzhen University to build a Scientific Research Internship Base, and taken on related researching projects.

        Declaration of High-tech Enterprise

         In 2014, Ruihe was awarded the "National High-tech Enterprise" and "Shenzhen High-Tech Enterprise".

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